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I know I know I’m supposed to have quit posting here but I have news!

I started spotting today!!! This will be my first natural period in two and a half years! It’s a big deal. Now tomorrow, touring our wedding & reception venue!


Vitamin Update


With all of the stuff I was taking Trying to Conceive, with no signs of cycle regulation I’m switching my vitamins again! From GNC Green Woman’s Multi, a Prenatal, Iron Supplement, and Folic Acid to Geritol Complete multivitamin + Folic Acid Supplements.

We’ll see how this works out. I used to be on Geritol and SSS Tonic as a kid. Hopefully this works out better to get my period started and return me back to normality.

2 DPO – 12 days to go


Lilypie Trying to Conceive Event tickers
The wait begins! Got a beautiful positive opk, got a beautiful series of elevated temps, now I wait.

So my lease is up in my current apartment in 2 months so naturally I’m sitting here asking where to next? My boyfriend and I have decided to move in together (this time for real) which means I’m going to be completely independant from my parents for the first time in my life. Which means I’ll have to work to pay rent, food, car payments, school, and dog. He wants me to move in with him in his DISCUSTING NASTY APARTMENT or we can start anew in a house not too far from campus. It has a yard, a beautiful kitchen, beautiful cabnets, a large master bedroom with plenty of space for a nursery (if the situation were to arise), a spacious laundry room, 2.5 baths. It’s my perfect starter home. My vote is for anywhere that isn’t his apartment but he insists that we move in there.

He also wants to move in his current roommate with us. That’s fine. His roommate preferences is begining to influence where we live. That’s not fine and I have vocalized that on several occations.  I’ll update you as the story unfolds.

Did You Miss Me?


So an update for those of you who follow me.


I’m down 6points so I’m currently at 63 needing to get down to 40points.  Only 23points to go! So close I can almost taste it!

Trying to Conceive:

The only time I consider not trying to conceive is when I start thinking about the wishes of my parents, and wishing to please someone other than myself. So I’m trying to conceive. I have an appointment on Thursday to pick up my prescriptions.  I’m pretty excited about it. January Due Date Club here I come!


I just got back from a beautiful week in Las Vegas, NV it was beautiful! I did enough clothes shopping to need to purchase another suitcase. I’m feeling good.


We’re doing better. My problem begins when I work to please him and try to make everyone in the world happy or get back at him for not doing what I want/need him to do. If he wanted to wait to have a babe until we were married he would have proposed within the first year or two of us having unprotected baby-making sex so I’m over that aspect of it. As for my parents. They got married 3 months before their first child was due so I’m not overly concerned with their judgmental disapproval there. We’re on better terms, we plan on moving in together this summer. I’m more than cautiously cautious about the whole situation but we’re doing it. Besides moving in together proves that we’re alright doing things out of order so why not TTC.

Tomato Potato


Thanks Time Warner Cable for having such reliable internet service. Oh wait did I say reliable? I meant BOOOOOOOO!!!! I had to run all the way to campus to complete my homework assignments because yet again our modem isn’t putting out. This isn’t the first time this has happened Ughhhhhh.

I got two positive home pregnancy tests. Now I’m terrified to test again. My temps are decreasing and my appointment isn’t until the 10th :-/ Come on little guy hold on tight. Be strong for me, be strong be strong.

Rain Clouds


Maybe its because my temps are so low,

or I got a phone call yesterday confirming that I wasn’t pregnant ( I didn’t think I was, at least not at 5DPO),

or because I got a phone call this morning informing me that I’m being dropped from my major (and will have to find a new one in the college or find a different one, sign up for classes (all of which are closed)

or maybe that even on provera my temps wont rise,

or that I can’t tell if provera is working.

or maybe it’s that the more of my friends eigther got engaged or married in the past week,

or maybe it’s the fact that my brothers, nephews and niece wont make it for Christmas.

perhaps it’s because my boyfriend want to see a councilor to see if he “really wants to ttc right now.”

I’m feeling so down. Nothing is going right.



– I just got a call from my doctor… I also have cysts on BOTH of my ovaries 😦