S.Slush | Age : 21 | Partner Age: 25


  • Part time job (Paycheck goes into savings for future events & a vacation or two 🙂 )


  • Full-Time student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Studying Finance, Economics, and Management Information Systems.
  • Anticipated Graduation Date December 2012 (1 MORE YEAR)

TTC Journey

  • I met my BF in 2008 and we have been on again and off again about whether or not we should actively ttc since 2009. Recently, during the past six months (and maybe more) we have been unable to ovulate naturally. Since then we have decided that for now we will do the best we can with supplements, herbs, healthy bodies, research, and prayers until we tie the knot.

We are tracking my BBT.




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    • I am taking GNC Ultra Mega Green Women’s Multivitamin You’ll have to read the label this product has EVERYTHING I wanted in a prenatal with out the prenatal price. I tried Fertility supplements but I couldn’t absorb the nutrients that it was said to be providing.They do have a prenatal option in this brand though. It has these awesome antioxidant Blends, Green Tea, 1200%+ of each B vitamin. And my body can actually absorb its nutrients unlike, the One-a-day, Centrum, or Nature Made brands that I started with (Confirmed by my doctor & I actually feel a difference & my cycle got very regulated in a hurry! ). I’m also drinking a lemon or lime in a glass of water every morning and anticipate taking a low dose aspirin as soon as ovulation is confirmed.

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