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Amendment One :: By Definition


Merriam-Webster Online:

“Bigot – a person who is obstinately or tolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance.
Intolerant (definition 2b) – unwilling to grant or share social, political, or professional rights. ” >> VAA1

Are you a bigot?

I decided years ago to not being a bigot. Live and Let live, keep your house rules & judgments to your family. The government should keep me safe from foul play & direct harm, not dictate how I live and experience my life.
If you promise to let me live my life, I promise to let you live yours. Better yet, I will let you live your life without harassment and without purposeless condemnation. I wont write my family rules in your house and I promise to  welcome you as a person and not as a description or classification.
I don’t care who you are attracted to I just care that in this ONE LIFE I wont be wasting my time worrying or dictating someone elses life, I’ll be to busy enjoying my own.
If I was born differently, if I was born a lesbian I pray with all my heart that I would be able to find love, to find my soul mate and celebrate it with the world.
If I didn’t go to that party in 2008, I would have never met my fiance. Back then I was 95% sure that I never wanted to do the love and marriage thing.  

A Beautiful Beginning


Sunday I start spotting and my flow progresses throughout the evening to medium flow

Sunday morning pass a clot about the size of my palm! I was so freaked out but excited, my more recent periods didn’t involve any clot passing which is completely abnormal for me, so I’m seeing this as an awesome sign that my uterus is finally clearing out!

We take a two hour drive that morning to visit our potential wedding venues. My flow is extremely heavy, my head hurts with every bump and twist in the road, my face is flushed but I’m feeling happier than I have in such a long time. My hand in his we swerve and curve our way up the mountains to our venue selections.

And we found the perfect one. It’s a little hideaway in the outskirts of a small mountain town . Fine dining, very local waterfalls, exceptional view of the mountains, and a completely private hotel venue just for our reception and boarding! A game room, a 16 person jacuzzi, and so much more! We really scored on this place! I’ve never visited a place so clean and well maintained! The smallest blemishes in the building get repaired the evening it it witnessed. We fell in love with the area, the staff, the location, the view, the amenities!

I never imagined that I’d fall in love with a place that was of such spectacular quality so quickly. I’m a simpleton and this place is complicated simple elegance.


I’m having my FIRST natural period/whatever in 2.5 years & I’m preparing to marry my best friend. What a beautiful new beginning!


I know I know I’m supposed to have quit posting here but I have news!

I started spotting today!!! This will be my first natural period in two and a half years! It’s a big deal. Now tomorrow, touring our wedding & reception venue!