The End To The Beginning


I’ll be shutting down this blog temporarily or indefinitely to focus on our new blog ❤ Our Wedding Blog. (So follow that one). You can follow us and our journey through life. We’re really excited. He’ll be posting too, a family blog was actually his idea!  hahaha this is going to be fun! The blog will inevitably turn into our family blog which will also document our rekindled TTC journey, family life, and beyond!

I think it’s going to be our wedding blog then slowly evolve into our family blog.

Gosh we’re excited.

And encourage your North Carolina friends to VOTE May 8th. I wish we had a VOTE for our midwives but I’ll fight the battles as they become available.

Remember this amendment is to deny North Carolina’s recognition of Civil Unions out side of marriage, (Godparents, dating couples, and more are also affected) not just civil unions between homosexual parties.


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