He Liked It So Much…


He put a ring on it!

Things are moving so fast! Now that we’re engaged we’ve been scrambling to book a venue, find a reliable photographer/videographer! We are so excited! We haven’t told our families yet, we’re waiting on doing that after my exams 🙂 I’m still upset at the pregnancy that didn’t continue but I find so much happiness when I ask my beau what he’s thinking about and he whispers “You said yes” and starts grinning really hard. We will be writing our own vows! Oh the joys of the long term relationship set on fire!

We go to start our pre-maritual counciling at the church May 15!

Two weeks after he proposed I whipped out the magazines I had been storing in anticipation of this day. Most of them were 2009-2011 copies of Weddings, SouthernWeddings, WeddingStar, & Engagement 101. I’m still working on building our perfect wedding setting.

Our Wedding Needs to Be:

– Timeless but Modern

-Colorful but Simple

-Welcoming but Intimate

-Traditional but Fresh

-Conservative but Liberal

-Exciting but Formal

-An event that guest will brag that they were there to witness

What We Have decided on:

Location (General):

– North Carolina Mountains! (We’re in the North Carolina Piedmont)

-Limiting it down to our TOP 5 Venues, then visiting them soon!

The Bridal Party:

-My Sister (She is my BESTEST FRIEND)

-5 of my closest Friends

-His 6 BFFs

The Guest List:

-Our Families

-Our Parent’s Families

 +Our Aunts/Uncles, Great Aunts Uncles, Grand Parents
+ Cousins Over 15 years old

-Our Parent’s Close Family Friends

-Our Close Friends who didn’t make the Bridal Party

We Will Not Be Inviting:

 – Co-Workers

-Unacquainted Neighbors

-Known Party Poopers

-People with questionable character

-Poorly Trained or excessively Young Children (I don’t want to deal with baby envy on my wedding night if we can’t have a baby you can’t bring yours, or have a screamer distract our adult evening or spiritual moments of silence, or have those two kids that want to run laps around the reception, can’t sit still, or have snot nosed kid at the d’oeuvres, or have that parent carrying around clingy child and not participating in the reception. I don’t want to stare at them for hours wishing that instead of a wedding I was announcing the birth of my own child. Don’t worry we’ll provide contact for evening child care as an option. Think of this as adult date night. Guest are EXPENSIVE so we’re only going to pay for the ones that wont potentially ruin our wedding or wedding mood.


Calling All Married Folk! I would love your tips. Any and all tips will be appreciated and helpful 🙂 Thanks. 


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