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13DPO – 1 Day to Go


Couldn’t help it I tested.

This test is from about noon today. Go Ahead, invert it 🙂


12DPO – 2 Days To Go


Took a generic pregnancy test this morning it was negative. But on a lighter note it looks like my cycle is about to end. I’m feeling a little naucious but I’m assuming that it is just due to the fact that I haven’t had a natural period in such a long time. No spotting yet but I know it’s on it’s way. My mucles are sore, my allergies are messing up, and I made myself cry at my boyfriend last night. lol I’m so excited. This would be the very first natural period since 2010! It only took 2 years! Come on Aunt Flo I’m ready for ya!

11DPO – 3Days to go


Holy Cow! 3 Days to go already?!?!?!?!

Here are some fun Articles I came across today.  So some I’m at work but I’d rather be thinking about TTC reading for you. One was about Black Tea (English Breakfast Tea) and the other was about Sexual Fantasies… I’m posting the one about sexual fantasies first because I still giggle when I read things that talk about fantasies.


This first article I love because personally I have been particularly inspired lately which is apparently a good sign. I’m so happy this is a good sign!

11DPO - March 28

“Fertile Imagination: Ovulating Gals Have More Sex Fantasies

Dy: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer

Original Article Found at:

Women have more sexual fantasies during fertile periods of the month, a new study finds.

The research is one of many studies finding differences in women’s sexual interest across the menstrual cycle. For example, a 2007 study in the journal Hormones and Behavior found that around ovulation, when pregnancy is possible, women say they prefer macho, masculine guys. An April 2011 study even suggested that women who are in the more fertile phase of the month are more likely to see Georgia O’Keeffe’s suggestive paintings as erotic.

The new study finds that sexual fantasies increase, and lead to more arousal in women, during fertile periods. Women also reported a higher proportion of men in their fantasies during fertile times of the month.

“When it mattered most, women were fantasizing more about men,” said study author Samantha Dawson, a graduate researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

Tracking fertility

Dawson and her colleagues focused on fantasies because such sexual daydreams aren’t dependent on the availability of sex partners or other outside forces. That means fantasies may be more representative of sexual interest than how much real-life sex a woman has, Dawson told LiveScience. [How to Spot a Fertile Woman]

The researchers paid 27 single heterosexual women, mostly college students, to keep a daily online diary of their sexual fantasies for one month. None of the women were on hormonal birth control. By counting back from the last menstrual period, the researchers targeted a 10-day window in which each woman would likely ovulate.

During those 10 days, each woman took a do-it-yourself urine test to detect ovulation, much like the fertility tests available at drug stores. The tests were in neutral packaging, and women weren’t told that they being tested for ovulation.

Varying fantasies

The women in the study reported, on average, 0.77 sexual fantasies a day — much higher than earlier work, which had suggested that men fantasize about once per day and women only once a week. Those earlier studies, however, asked participants to look back over time and recall their fantasies. A day-by-day approach is likely more accurate, because it does not rely so much on memory, the researchers reported online March 10 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In the three days surrounding ovulation, fantasies became more frequent, reaching an average of about 1.3 per day. Women’s reports also indicated these fantasies were more arousing than fantasies during nonfertile periods. [Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos & Bizarre Facts]

The researchers expected to see fertile women become more “malelike” in their fantasies during fertile periods, given this increased interest in sex. Men generally report that their fantasies are more visual and explicit than female fantasies, which tend to contain more focus on emotion. But in fact, women actually became more femalelike in their fertile fantasies.

“They’re still focusing on the emotions and the feelings that they have toward this partner in the fantasies as opposed to what the partner looks like, how masculine they are and what sexual acts they’re actually engaging in,” Dawson said.

Gender and fertility

The researchers did find, however, that women’s interest in men peaked during fertile periods. Women are generally more fluid in their fantasies than men, Dawson said. One 2006 study presented at the International Academy of Sex Research in the Netherlands found that 25 percent of heterosexual women reported that their fantasies included other women, while only 10 percent of heterosexual men included other men in their sexual fantasies.

In the current study, 52 percent of participants reported fantasies that included women. Still, fantasies were primarily populated by men, with about 95 percent male characters across the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, however, the proportion of men went up by a percentage point or so, suggesting that fertility hormones do influence straight women’s sexual interests.

“You’re going to want to have sex with someone who can actually pass genes on to you, so a man versus a woman,” Dawson said.

The researchers also had the women look at images of masculine and feminine men and women at three points across the menstrual cycle, but they did not find more interest in masculine men, or men in general, during fertile periods. The lack of a finding probably has more to do with the fact that the same photographs were repeated at each session than anything hormonal, Dawson said.

The message of the research is that psychologists need to be careful when studying female sexual desire, Dawson said.

“It’s really important that we are conscious in these changes of female sexuality when we are researching components of women’s sexual interest,” Dawson said, adding that little things could make a big difference, “even the timing of when they’re answering the questionnaire or when we’re assessing sexual arousal.”

You can follow LiveScience senior writer Stephanie Pappas on Twitter @sipappas. Follow LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter @livescience and on Facebook.

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This article about tea is something I find fascinating. We’re so obsessed with Green Tea in America like it’s some sort of miracle tea that will deliver miracle results but the stuff is gross sweetened&unsweetened unless carbonated. This article highlights the benefit of BLACK TEA (English Breakfast tea) like the stuff you find in restaurants. And to all you TTCers out there STAY AWAY FROM THOSE SODAS! DIET/NONDIET but you already knew that 🙂

Two cuppas a day boost your chances of having a baby… but steer clear of fizzy drinks

By Valerie Elliott

Original Article Found at:–steer-clear-fizzy-drinks.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

One bump or two? Scientists think the antioxidants in tea may aid fertility

Two cups of tea a day may help boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, according to a study.

It found women were 27 per cent more likely to become pregnant if they regularly drank tea compared with those who did not.

However, the same research found consuming two cola-style fizzy drinks daily seems to reduce a woman’s prospects of conceiving – and it makes no difference if the cola is a diet or sugary version.

Women who drank these soft drinks at least twice a day reduced their chances of becoming pregnant by 20 per cent.

There was no effect on the chances of pregnancy for women who preferred to drink coffee.

The findings were based on a group of 3,600 women who were actively trying to have a baby.

The study’s author, Professor Elizabeth Hatch, of Boston University in the United States, wanted  to determine if caffeine intake had any effect on women trying for a baby. While there have been other studies on the subject, their results have not been conclusive.

They have also used methods which are thought to be unreliable, based on interviews with pregnant women who were asked to remember the amounts of tea, coffee  and soft drinks they consumed before they conceived.

Instead, Prof Hatch monitored each of the volunteers for a year.

Danish women were chosen for the research because every Danish citizen is given a civil registration number at birth, allowing health officials to recruit and then screen individuals through the internet.

The women, with an average age of 28, formed the largest group ever studied to evaluate a link between caffeine consumption and pregnancy.

Prof Hatch said: ‘We found that women who drank tea two or three times a day did have a 27 per cent increased chance of becoming pregnant. We don’t know how they took  the tea or if they added milk or lemon, but they had this increased chance of getting pregnant over women who did not drink tea at all.

Green tea, such as that being picked in this field in Japan, was not found to increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant

‘It may be linked to caffeine but clearly there may be other factors linked with the women’s lifestyle or there may be beneficial properties in tea itself.’

She added: ‘I think drinking two or three cups of tea a day for anyone wishing to get pregnant will be fine. I would love to say tea is a miracle cure to get pregnant but that is not realistic. There may be other factors. The tea drinkers tended to be older women and there may be something else in their diet or lifestyle that helped.’

‘Tea contains a lot of antioxidants which are very good for male and female fertility’

Green tea has previously been linked with increasing women’s chances of becoming pregnant.

However, in this study women were asked to record their consumption of green or herbal tea in the same section and no link with increased chance of pregnancy was found.

Further research will seek to identify whether drinking green tea helps women became pregnant.

Follow-up work will establish more about the health and size of the babies born to the tea-drinking mums and if the women endured shorter or longer pregnancies or suffered miscarriages.

Maha Ragunath, consultant in reproductive medicine at the Care Fertility Centre in Nottingham, said special properties in tea aided fertility.

She added: ‘Tea contains a lot of antioxidants which are very good for male and female fertility.

‘But I don’t think women trying for a baby should now drink lots of tea – it’s everything in moderation.’

Laurence Shaw, associate director at the Bridge Fertility Centre in London, said: ‘I would say to any woman over 35 trying to become pregnant to get proper advice and don’t start drinking ten cups of tea a day.’

9DPO- 5 Days to go


So my urge to take pregnancy tests has subsided. I just don’t feel an urgency to know or to test. Why rush into disappointment. I’m only 35% sure that I even ovulated this cycle despite what my BBT Chart is suggesting.

Two nights ago, the evening before this post, my boyfriend whispered something among the lines of “I think we’re pregnant” or “I look forward to the day that we’re pregnant” it could have even been “I can’t wait until we’re pregnant” while we were dancing. And still I’m 95% sure that the next time I take a pregnancy test it will come back negative. And I have waited past 9dpo so really any day I test now will give me an accurate negative result lol.

Usually I have the urge to take the test but for now I really don’t. The itch just isn’t there anymore. Where did it go? I was all about taking those silly test for the past three years. A week ago I was dying to test. What is going on? What happened now that made me realize that it’s not worth the worry? IDK. I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later but I’m not really in the zone to even do that.

Next cycle I’m going to be on estrogen, then take an hcg shot, then be on progesterone. Ovulation will happen! No more cysts! Even if I don’t get pregnant the least my body could do is start regulating itself.

I’m terrified that I’ll turn 25 and my ovaries would have already expired. Hopefully I’ll get things back in working order soon

8DPO- 6 days to go


I have had a lot of life decisions to make lately. My boyfriend and I sat down and had a long discussion and decided on some of the pending topics. He even asked if I though my dad would want him to request permission before “stuff happens.” Yes, duh we’re conservatives with liberal habits and ideas. The next day we woke up feeling refreshed. We decided not to jump into moving together in May but instead ease our way into it. I’ll still have my own apartment and he will have his but we will primarily live in his apartment until I feel comfortable enough to cut my safety net loose. But how do I know this is the right decision for me? I keep making these decisions but I have nothing to confirm or deny that what I’m doing is right. I want to move in with him, it makes sense, I’m ready to make that next step in our relationship, he’s ready to make that step in our relationship. Something is holding me back. Oh, I remember now it’s growing up being told what is right and what is wrong and never having those things align with what I feel is right and what I feel is wrong.

I called my mother and talked to her about everything. Moving in together, babies, school, dog, career, house if I have to make the decision on it within the next year we talked about it. She told me that as long as I knew that he was the one she would support my decision to move in with him. You see by the time my mother was my age she was already married and had her first child 4 months later. My family believes in “Doing Things The Right Way” which really means in the right order. Which means you date, you get engaged, you get married, you move in together, you do the dance, you have babies. In that order or else… or else what? People will talk about how you didn’t do it in the right order and you can’t let that happen.

I know it’s silly right. Well Anyway I was excited to receive my mother’s blessing to move in with him. So after work I rushed home and told my Boyfriend all about the good news and I finally felt at ease with moving in with him, heck I’d do it that day!

Then I saw the rainbow. First when I was headed home from work it was a spectacular double rainbow then as I got closer and close to my boyfriend’s apartment It faded into one HUGE vibrant rainbow that stayed in view my entire trip back home.

Rainbow and Green Lights


My camera phone doesn’t do the rainbow justice but if you notice how it reflects off of the road! Wow, I haven’t seen a rainbow like this since I was very young. If you don’t know anything about me I like to allow nature to help put me at ease and guide me. But when I saw this rainbow so HUGE so definite, so sure. I know that good things were coming to me. I don’t see rainbows often nor have I been so desperate to know whether or not I was on the right path. But seeing this rainbow then entire way home from work always in front or beside me put my mind at ease. What I was doing was right. In that moment my decisions were going to lead me down the right path. I was at peace with my decisions.

Then it happened, he slipped. He said, and this is a real edited quote “Strawberry, you can’t just do that. I thought we made a decision last night. I already called and told everyone that the plans have changed. You need to let me know right now if we didn’t make a decision last night” He started mentioning this new plan that involved us moving in together in the fall that would make my family happier about our move in. Well, didn’t he get the memo the only way to do that is if we put a ring on my finger. I just accepted what he said and pretended that I didn’t already know what he was discretely telling me. It’s going to happen and It’s going to happen before the end of fall.

Did you catch that? He already called everyone and told them that plans have changed. Who do you call between 9am-5pm about your living situation when your future roommates life with you? Hummm. And he’s got a better plan that will make the idea of us moving in together more agreeable to my parents… hummmm. I pried a little but aborted the pursuit when he started getting nervous.


I’m still counting down my days to test but I am not sure if I even ovulated this cycle though this cycle seems much much more promising temp pattern wise than my annovulatory cycles. We’ll see. This time next week I’ll be whining about another negative pregnancy test.

5 DPO – 9 days to go


I’m so bloated like the top part of my stomach is protruding making me look TERRIBLE in the dress I wanted to wear to Tea with the Girls 😦 My arms arms are puffy, my fingers are sausage-y, I’ve been thirsty all day but now I don’t want to drink and have that water weight added to the bloat.

Now that I’m moving out my apartment complex is being weird. I asked the for my records and they told me they would call me when the found my file. Really? Where on earth could my file be. Shouldn’t it be filed somewhere? In a file cabinet perhaps. Oh well hopefully everything goes over well and we can move on from this place and move into the house! In May! Oh I’m so excited. The Boyfriend isn’t as excited for whatever reason. He’d rather live in a townhouse in an apartment complex than a house in a neighborhood. He says he wants to live out in the country, I told him if he pays for it we can have it.

Oh wait, I’m the bread winner for now so until that title switches I get the final say. I am WOMAN! Bloated thirsty woman lol.

4 DPO – 10 Days to go


10 days until testing.

My Relationship:
+ My bff from back home is working really hard to blur the lines between friends and husband. He’s got the job of his dreams now he’s ready to settle down with a lady and fill a house of babes!
+ My boyfriend is working really hard to blur the lines between being an asshole and being a dick. I may be over reacting and please tell me if I am. We’ve been talking about moving in together for years. Now that we have gotten seriously serious about it he asks if his current roommate can move in with us. Sure, we can use a roommate. We basically found a place and he wants us to consult with his roommate to see if the location is good. Seriously, WE are moving into together and you’re letting your roommate have input on out living location. It’s us moving in together making a commitment what part of that makes him think that his roommate has a say AT ALL in where we move. Really, if he doesn’t like it he can live somewhere else.