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Spring Announcement If I ever have something to announce….


If I can manage to get pregnant within the next four months I am going to tell him with a red velvet cake in almond icing from the bakery up the street.

It’s going to have a sign that says “The Easter bunny came, and brought you a golden egg”
and within that golden egg placed upon the cake will be a note that says “now I have to start getting you stuff for fathers day.”

As soon as I try to end this cycle my temps decide to jump up… end cycle end i want to make this idea happen!

does anyone else have any holiday/spring themed ideas???


Box of Chocolate


Today I am optimistically 9dpo.

On Feb10 my Progesterone levels were 228ng/dL with Estrogen levels at 130pg/mL. So there’s a very strong chance that my body hasn’t reset from January 22-23 when it was spotting and I’m still hanging out in my theoretical luteal phase. I will take a test at 14dpo and request my ultrasound interpretations when I get my big fat negative. Hopefully I can put this TTC thing behind me at least for a little while. My thyroid levels are very low. My doctor asked me if I eat salt.

“I thought salt was in virtually everything”

“Do you prepare your own meals”


“Do you cook from the box”

“No, never”

“Do you add salt to your meals”

“No, I don’t even own a carton of salt”

“Go buy some sea salt”

“Oh, okay”

lol the key to my reproductive health was in my diet but it wasn’t my proportions, it was my iodine intake. Some how I erased salt from my diet almost completely for such a long time that I mowed down the health of my thyroid. My thyroid is to blame for my slow weight-loss despite my grandest attempts, and current state of mild obesity.

So maybe if I east salt Aunt Flo will come. I’m going to try it tonight! How long am I supposed to wait to see results? I guess only time will tell.

I went three days without trying to conceive. No charting, Not temp taking, for an entire three days. I’m very proud of myself. I feel so much more relaxed and free. I’m going to let this “cycle” fizzle out and the move on with my non-trying-to-conceive life. If anything I at least need a break. I told the lover when we got back from vacation today that now that we know where the problem lies, (and it’s not in my ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, or cervix) I feel so much more at ease to wait a little while longer. He was telling me about the type of ring he was thinking about me. It’s not going to be the jewelry store promoted “diamond ring” instead he’s going to get me an actually pretty stone in a pretty setting.

I don’t need a ring to show off my social class or wealth, I’ll have an elaborate wedding for that. (implied joke) I’m very excited that he shares the same ideas behind engagement rings and values the history of the engagement ring more than he values the “social norm” that some how came about. I find it silly that these days men go out to the store “select” a ring with a setting and deliver it to their significant other to “surprise” them with a diamond ring, not in the setting she envisioned but it always turns out to be perfect, and better than what she could ever asked for. Yawn, what else would it have been? Everyone down the street gets diamond rings. How thoughtful was he actually being? It was what he knew to do to propose. What? Diamond ring. What makes it special? Find one that looks expensive.¬† I guess the same amount of thoughtful he was when he bought you flowers and chocolate for valentine’s day, or when he got you a necklace or stereotypical girl thing for your birthday. I was alright with getting a diamond ring, sort of accepted that was what was going to be it. Now I’m pretty stoked about what it could be! So many potential settings, gems, and stones which combination of those represents our commitment and love to him? When he gets me a ring I know it will be an expression of who he is and who I am to him, not just the box of chocolates.

This process is taking so long. I really don’t want to be counting down to our 5 year anniversary without a ring, it’s far too embarrassing when several of our friends have met dated and have gotten married while he and I were together. I guess in a way this just means I have than many more people who will be attending my wedding with thoughtful gifts and appreciations for registries.

Disclaimer: Your diamond ring is very pretty and was very thought out. I don’t think down about your ring diamonds are nice they just aren’t the only rock in this world. The same way the pure white strapless wedding gown with a long train isn’t the only wedding gown out there. Sure it’s perfect for some but not everyone.

What What? Smaller Butt



I got on the scale about an hour after breakfast and mid-morning snack. What a bad idea when I usually like to weigh myself after my morning constitutional before I ingest anything. But look at what we have here! 10lbs lighter than the blob I was in January. Now I’m a petite blob ūüôā soon I’ll be a polite blob (Bikini Ready) and ready to wear bathing suits in public again! I wonder if I can make it all of the way down to (Bikini Perfection) by the time I board my plane. Oh and did I mention how BLOATED I am. It’s like AF is around the corner with a grudge.

I’ve decided to do some revisions on my¬†Journey¬†To Vegas¬†weight-loss extravaganza after Spring Break comes and goes. I think my new title will be Journey to Summer. I’m a creative genius.



—–50(Bikini Ready)

—–40(Bikini Perfection)


—–20 (My lowest limit or I’ll be labeled “sick”)

—–10(I’ll need medical intervention at this point)


DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to pause Journey to Vegas at anytime I see fit when conflicting goals conflict too much to be reconciled. Such as, my appointment on the 1oth reveals a bean that is a little more promising.

Maybe Today?


A stunning 96.98 BBT this morning… maybe I’m ovulating today? Maybe all my dreams will come true with a thermal shift skyward for the next two weeks and I’ll get a positive pregnancy test at 6dpo. Maybe I’m dreamer.


Oh well,

I’m still on a no sugar diet… it hurts all of a sudden I’ve begun to notice my sugary cravings of bread, honey, yogurt, candies, and high sugar fruits. Maybe I was addicted to sugar.

That’s a Negative Ghost Rider


So my opk was negative today. If anyone has been diagnosed with PCOS you know what a triumph this is when you’re Trying to Conceive and are very used to positive opks but no temp spikes. I bought 7days worth of mid-stream opk tests.

Here’s my opk stats & temps up to date:
02/17 – (97.17) Negative
02/16 – (97.36) Fading Strong positive
02/15 – (97.54) Super Strong positive
02/14 – (96.91) Positive
02/13 – (97.79) Positive
02/12 – (98.10) Positive

I’m a little excited but know I shouldn’t be. I just wand this pregnancy hurry up and exist. Anything is possible with my crazy temps! Maybe i geared up to o for the last time this cycle!

UPDATE:: added picture


All In My Head


So before I learned that you could actually feel ovulation and implantation I never remembered my pelvic area feeling so active with cramps and twinges, pinches and pushes.

Today I think I could be 4dpo, based on my ambiguous temp shift, and it feels like my lady zone is having a field day with these pressure points and cramps. I just ate an apple and sandwich from Panara Bread and I’m already feeling hungry again. I drank an entire 24oz of water in one sitting with out noticing and two hours later I am finding myself very very thirsty. Oh and I’m dying to go to sleep. I can’t make an opk negative if I tried. My ovaries are aching BOTH OF THEM and I feel like a PCOS TTC mess.

I blame the cupcake I ate today. ūüė¶ It was pretty with sprinkles and pink icing. I didn’t resist.


For My Mind is Weak


I am not proud of myself. This day has been amazing and terrible. I was trying to wait but that positive opk came up so quick ūüė¶

Reason Not To Be Proud 1: I’m still looking for ovulation…

I got an even stronger opk positive this afternoon… and a temp spike I thought was a fluke because I switched to my reserve fever thermometer but my walking temp was in the 98.30s when it is usually in the 97.20s so I’ll consider it valid until tomorrows temp. It’s weird. I’m realizing that since I started charting back in October I have never seen a definitive elevated temps that signify ovulation.

Reason Not To Be Proud 2: Once is an accident…

So you know what we did between 8:15pm-9:00pm? Yap, what makes it worse is that we did it twice for assurance. Twice my dear boyfriend delivered a substantial shipment so if I did ovulate we wouldn’t miss it for lack of covering our bases. I have work at 9:00pm so he was allowed to sprint to the finish line. I never knew he could run so fast… 3 minutes for #2 and that was without any pre-race pep talks.

Reason Not To Be Proud 3: Priorities…

But, GCD how did you receive a shipment at 9:00pm and get to work at 9:00pm? Simple, I didn’t get to work on time.